Mission & Objectives

Art Angel is founded in the belief that the arts and creativity are important to the lives and development of everyone, and that the highest quality of artistic opportunity should be accessible to all.  Art Angel’s particular mission is develop the creative and artistic potential of vulnerable adults who have experience of mental health difficulties as a means of self-expression, empowerment, recovery and wellbeing.


  • To create an accessible, friendly and equal environment for people with experience of mental health difficulties to engage in a wide spectrum of arts based activities.
  • Provide a creative platform offering exciting opportunities for people to explore and express their views, ideas and opinions and develop a powerful voice in the community.
  • Support people moving from residential to community based care by offering creative activities and opportunities for social interaction and peer support.
  • To provide opportunities to celebrate, honour and value the work of participants through exhibitions, performances, and pubic forum events.
  • To raise awareness of mental health issues through a programme of work which would continue to raise and develop self-advocacy skills among people with experience of mental health difficulties.
  • Provide evidence of the value of active community arts participation through effective e monitoring and evaluation.
  • Encourage an ethos of Recovery and Well being