LunaLuna is the name given to an idea, a method of recovery, a way of living life after grief and pain and heartbreak and loneliness, the sense of being unloved…people trying to see a way ahead, one that will create rather than destroy, one that is their own, their own path.

The story of Luna

Luna began as an initiative of the Advocacy Project based at Royal Dundee Liff Hospital (a Victorian psychiatric asylum near Dundee) by the then advocacy worker Ron Lindsay. In magazine form we sought to inform patients and staff as to what was needed, what could be done to ensure that someone’s encounter with the mental service would be a good one and not just something else damaging to be overcome. We provided accurate information on medication and laws pertaining to anyone within the mental health system and up to date news on the substantial changes being proposed as to how mental health care would be delivered in the future in our area.

Luna gained in experience and confidence and before long those involved began to realise just how important this activity was to their perceptions of themselves, realising that they longer saw themselves as merely people with problems but as knowledgeable citizens with something positive and unique to contribute to their community.

Art was the key – as a means of expression, a way of exploring the reality of their changed lives, of accepting and re-defining themselves, a way of passing time constructively, of generating hope in a tangible manner – “Look, I made this…” From then Luna became a number of things – a commercial film company earning money for its own projects through commissions; a recording label to release music and words; a performance troupe travelling round Scotland; an organiser of exhibitions; a co-founder beside Art Angel of Salty Press, the publishing house for new poets and writers; and again with Art Angel the inspirational summer arts residentials on the westside of the Isle of Lewis.

And we continue to grow, to take good from the bad, to desire the new day rather than be full of dread, to live our lives today as we would wish it to be.

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