Writing Group

As a writer I would like to see myself as captain of a ship, of my ship. Before, before I wrote that is, I was somewhere at sea, feeling like I was thrown wherever the ocean decided to put me. Not that I couldn’t swim, no more like I had lost direction and could no longer take good decisions about what I wanted to do with my life and where I wanted to be. And writing isn’t the only thing to have helped, I feel that’s important to say; more like it was the ship’s hawser that was offered to me – take hold if you want, if you dare, or keep on wallowing about in the murk, wasting whatever there is left of your painful life.

So I grabbed hold and with the help of others with experiences like my own I began to pull myself up, using words, the act of creativity; of being able to look back at the end of the day and see that I had made something – a story or a line of a poem – and not witness a scene of destruction and waste. But it’s not easy, no quick fix. I still have to try my hardest every minute of every day not to slip back – maybe it’s always going to be this way, I don’t know. It’s drier though, this giving myself a chance.

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