Tuesday Collective Groups

Elizabeth Millar

Elizabeth Millar

Following on from the success of the Scottish Arts Council funded Artist in Residence project participants voiced their wish to develop and expand their work as artists, creating strong links with mainstream artist led organisations both locally and nationally.

At present this group is closed.

Aims of the Artist Collective Project

  • Develop and enhance the knowledge, skills, abilities, voice and recovery of participants of the Artist Collective.
  • Create a supported and equal environment suitable for creativity and personal development of individuals.
  • Provide a highly skilled professional Artist to guide the group, transferring skills in all aspects of the arts.
  • Develop a network and partnerships with mainstream arts organisations and artist led groups.
  • Seek to exhibit work in mainstream art spaces and non traditional spaces to promote the work of participants, well being and recovery.
  • Provide peer training and support for two experienced participants so that they can then pass on their skills and support established and new members.
  • Recovery and well being
  • Build confidence and self-esteem as artists and members of the community
  • Increased access to arts participation for people with experience of mental health difficulties.

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