Guilty of Innocence by Alison Montague

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A small child and his mother walk the dry, dusty and desolate road.  They are thirsty and hungry; they are African, troubled, poor and destitute.  They have no fresh water, in fact the only way they can quench their thirst is to drink from a filthy well which will kill them anyway.  What do they do?

They exist but do not live.  They are ‘dying alive’.  This is the daily trek for these people.  They know that they will die prematurely but survival is still their prime goal; they know instinctively they won’t keep living if they do not try.  Their cry is largely ignored and it seems there is no mercy.  Help often doesn’t get through.  Just what can we do?  These poor and starving human beings are looked upon as burdens to their leaders in poor countries all over the world.  It seems a case of the innocent are guilty, guilty for being materialistically poor.

The hierarchy of these countries has too much while the masses are starving.  The poor, once more, are guilty of innocence.