BC/AD Lighthouse tribes from the Round the End period in history by Dougald Mennie

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You get miniature lighthouses on Orkney and Shetland and there has always been some form of lighthouse around our coast.  Some people built fires to lure ships onto the rocks, pretending to be lighthouses.  That’s how they got all their goodies and booty.  There is an Irish lighthouse system, British, a bit of French and then Iceland.  Lighthouses are a tribe unto themselves; the people who build them and the lighthouse keepers who work in them.  They have their own religion, The Church of the Sea.  The lighthouse keepers are the Apostles of the Sea.  Their church is affiliated to all churches – Catholic, Protestant, Muslim – the world over.  The coastguards too are associated with this church, they being the Police of the Sea.  I put myself in lighthouses, lighthouse history:  Inventing new ways of building lighthouses off the coast.  And sometimes as a lighthouse keeper, preventing ships running aground on the rocks.  You could say I am very interested in lighthouses and lightships.  Lightships are taking over from lighthouses; most of the readings on the Shipping Broadcast are to do with lightships.  There’s a lighthouse on Fair Isle, now mostly a big nature reserve.  I buy brochures from Fair Isle, from the RSPB to do with all the birds there.  There used to be an old lighthouse at Tayport, the Pile lighthouse I think.  And the Abertay lightship near Anstruther, it was black and blue.  You could say I’m interest in everything, say fishing – I invented fishing.  I was the Australian who invented fishing.  I put myself in his place, fishing in places like the Med. and the South China Sea.  And you get fishing fleets that are spies; the Soviets especially were up to that.  Although they’re not the Soviet Union anymore, the Russians still spy.  There was an incident recently with a Russian plane crossing into Japanese airspace.



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