Valtos Dreaming

Category: Salty Press

Valtos DreamingValtos is the place inside you, the warm, pink centre where you feel safe. There turquoise and green waves sometimes caress, sometimes pound a moon-white shore; where a carpet of shell sand flowers in reds, pinks, blues and gold; where skies are seemingly endless, sometimes raging in storm, sometimes delicate with the lace of cirrus cloud on high; where sea eagles soar and cry above you; where you have friends and their understanding and their love…..Valtos is the place where we dream…

Valtos Dreaming is an anthology of poetry, illustration and photography, collected throughout two long summers in the Western Isles.

Cover art by Rosie Summerton

Sample Text


I am the curve
of the wind against nothing.
Hold me,
and you will never fall again.

John Glenday