Twenty Three In A Bed

Category: Salty Press

Twenty ThreeTake twenty three artists, a pregnant cat, the Westside of the Isle of Lewis and a disused school overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, mix around in a thirteen day arts residential, singing, dancing (this is true), cooking for an army of starving painters, photographers and writers on a two-ringed cooker.…now lie back and read, take time, the sound of the crashing waves on white sands, your feet caressed by the starry machair, the turquoise blue luring you under..

Twenty Three in a Bed is an anthology of poetry, short story and illustration created at the first Art Angel/Luna/W.I.A.M.H. arts residency on the Western Isles in 2004.

Sample Text

*Rosie, Aaron, me*

We danced
We played
We ran
On Hebridean sand
A fairy tale king
An Elvin queen
An elder from another land

We built castles
Splashed in turquoise sea
The old
And the young
As one
Right until the sinking of the sun

And as we headed homeward
A happy, adventurous band
We left behind us
Three angels made of sand
And each
Imprinted softly
And waiting by the sea

An angel for Rosie
An angel for Aaron
And an angel for me

Lesley McLuckie