Sometimes by Cathy MacLeod

Category: Salty Press

SometimesCathy Macleod was born in Singapore and brought up in the Hebrides for the most part. Having lived in various parts of Scotland she has settled in her partially ancestral home of Lewis. Her poems deal with joy, terror, hope, survival against incomprehensible odds, a random selection of therapeutic and recreational drugs, difficult lovers and loveable children.

Sample Text

Coffee Break

I’m pickin’ up the coffee.
Pickin up the cup.
I could walk the dog
I could scrub the carpet
Puttin’ down the cup of coffee.
I could wash the dishes
I could write that masterpiece
I could
I could sort out the spare room
I could put the dirty clothes and bedding in the washing machine
I could walk the dog
I could revise my studies
I’m pickin’ up the coffee.
Pickin’ up the cup.
I could train that dog, slowly and surely.
I could write to my mum
Exfoliate my bum
Tidy the garden
Wash down the kitchen units
File my filing cabinet
Shave my armpits I could tune into the telly
I could change the radio channel but…
I’m putting down the coffee and I need another one.