Peruvian Earthworms (An Illustrated Guide) by Rhona Hoggan

Category: Salty Press

Peruvian EarthwormsRhona Hoggan has been writing since childhood but only now have we been given the chance to realise and wonder at the sheer power of her voice, its variety; her determination to confront all aspects of life with fairness and curiosity, to experience joy in the smallest of pleasures, to rage against the greatest of injustices. Though her name be new, her writing will endure.

Sample Text

Comfort you

Come on Rhona!
I know when you’re low
No matter how much you try to hide it.
Come on, cuddle up
Let me help you,
However I can.
Just give me that chance.

I know too,
When you’re giving up
When you’re close to how I felt.
Come on, cosy in
Let me help you
Let me dry your eyes.
Just give me that chance.

For I’ve been there too, kid
I understand in a way
Many can’t or won’t
Let me help you
Because I know
Just give me that chance.