Howl by Cathy MacLeod

Category: Salty Press

Cathy MacleodA collection of work by one of Scotland’s newest poets. Quite simply Cathy writes what she sees, a style that she has made all her own in coming to terms with modern life in the ageing land of her native Western Isles.

Sample Text

The Silence

The sun is out today
Lucy and I are in
Cat sits by the window –
He has been really sun worshipping
Dog outside in her little garden
Silence is Sunday here for us
T.V. is real noise –
Turning it down I hear late birds chirping
Dinner is cooking
Pie fills the kitchen with dinner’s smells
Outside, outside properly, the burn runs
As always
I hear it in my mind,
It is too far away to hear audibly here
I know seagulls, ravens and swifts fly overhead most of the times
Dog barks
Lucy is going to sit in the sun
The Sunday sun
It is quiet
Lucy is going to listen to her radio outside
Inside I sit and write this
Remembering playing on the moor as a child
Learning to fish there as an adult
The cooker clicks
The sun streams through the kitchen window.
Gloriously and silently
The door shuts
The sun is out today.