Calm by Matthew Gray

Category: Salty Press

CalmMatthew Gray’s writing is as fresh as the summer rain that drifts down from the skies over his native Dundee. He sees things in the only way he can – that of his own, Matthew Gray. His prose poems long to be heard, to be shared in comfort and warmth; kept safe beneath a Christmas tree these last forty or so years. Yet always tread warily; expect the shocks and you might find them.


It came from outer space, from Mars, and landed on earth. It can move as fast as light, its eyes glow in the dark and it is red and green all over. It can’t stand light, it can change form and speak in all different languages and even change colour. The alien has told us that time does not exist where he comes from and there is no tomorrow. The earth is now ruled by these aliens and men and women are locked up in cages and whipped when they are bad. When there is no work for them to do they are locked up all of the time. The alien eats snacks and rats for tea. And they drink lots of water.