Art Angles by Jim Strachan

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Art AnglesJim Strachan was born in Dundee quite some time ago though the last twenty years or so have been spent in the artistic boiler house that is Forfar. He sings, paints, acts on stage and drives a car. He knows all there is to know about gas. He can take twelve steps in any direction and give an informed opinion of each new land; its subtleties; the very chemistry of the place. His sixty nine years on this earth have not been wasted.

Sample text

Another Missaster

Another day another dollar! As he struggled from his sleep he felt it was a “Good morning God,” not a “Good God it’s morning,” kind of a day. Shufflingly scratching his way through to the living room, he leaned precariously over the back of the armchair and pressed the boost tit on the central heating control, wandered over to the couch after turning on BBC 1 and rolled a fag. The fumbling rollie-up and the steady drone news item acted as a buffer to any shock of early brain usage. The first draw set off a slight hacking but not enough phlegm to spit up…A nice normal start to the day.